Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change the settings on 777 Slots?

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To change your settings for 777 Slots, first launch the game client and click the play button to visit the slots. Next, you can adjust various settings by following these instructions: Use the gear symbol to adjust the sound options for most games. Press the + and - symbols to update the bet amount per spin. Click the play icon to change the auto-play options. Use the full screen and mute icons found in the corner of the screen while playing most games to alter these settings.

What is Auto Top-Up and how do I enable it?

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With Auto Top-Up, your chips will be automatically replenished to your default, pre-set stack size when you lose in a cash game. This is if you have cash in your account. To enable Auto Top-Up: Click the Table Options icon in the top right corner of a cash game table. Look for Playing Tools: Buy-in and Top-Up. Check Top-up: Main Amount and make your selections. Click Apply to save the changes.