Frequently Asked Questions

How to use tourney tickets?

It’s easy to use your tourney ticket. First, go to My Account. Then, click Ticket Manager. There, you’ll see all your available tickets, along with their expiry dates. Remember, tourney tickets only work for tourneys of that exact buy-in amount, or for the tournament they’re designated for. And they can’t be exchanged for tournament bucks […]

What are tournament bucks?

Tournament bucks are equivalent to cash in value and are generally given out as part of a promotion or as compensation if a tournament you have a ticket for gets cancelled.   Please note that tournament bucks can only be used to play in select tournaments. While they have the same value as regular dollars, they […]

How do Knockout Tournaments work?

When you play in a Knockout Tournament, we’ll place a cash bounty on every player in the tournament. When you knock someone out, half their bounty goes into your pocket and the other half goes on your head. For a complete description and example of how they work, click here.

How do I create a private tournament?

To request your own private tournament, email us at Please make your request at least 24 hours in advance so our tournament team has time to set it up. All private tournaments will be listed in the lobby under TOURNEY – PRIVATE. Please submit your request with the following 4 fields: Name of the tournament […]

What is a knockout tournament?

Knockout Tournaments work the same as regular tournaments, except there’s a twist. Each player who enters has a bounty placed on his or her head. Every time you knock a player out, you get his or her bounty. That means even if you bubble the tourney, you can make a lot of money by taking […]

What is the Venom?

The Venom is a multi-day tournament with a prize pool running in the millions. Our biggest Hold’em Venom tournament guaranteed $8 million and paid out more than that. And our largest Venom PKO tourney easily beat the $5 million guaranteed mark. Our next Venom is set to get underway soon. Like always, the tournament costs […]