Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Bitcoin or Crypto wallet?

Here are the steps to create a Bitcoin or Crypto wallet: First go to Select the country you reside in and the payment method you want to use. A credit card is the most popular option. You will see several wallet options to choose from that meet your criteria. You can read reviews of […]

How do I deposit using Bitcoin?

Steps to Deposit Using Bitcoin Click the green “My Account” button. To deposit with Bitcoin, click on the ‘‘Bitcoin’’ button. Enter the amount you want to deposit in USD, taking the minimum and maximum amounts into consideration. Also, enter the promo code if you have one. You will receive a warning to check with your […]

I accidently sent my crypto deposit to a different address. What can I do?

If you deposited to a different address but used the same coin, please contact with how much you sent and what address you used. Our team can make a one-time exception and apply your deposit. However, if you sent a different coin, there’s nothing we can do on our end.