Frequently Asked Questions

How do Knockout Tournaments work?

When you play in a Knockout Tournament, we’ll place a cash bounty on every player in the tournament. When you knock someone out, half their bounty goes into your pocket and the other half goes on your head. For a complete description and example of how they work, click here.

What is a knockout tournament?

Knockout Tournaments work the same as regular tournaments, except there’s a twist. Each player who enters has a bounty placed on his or her head. Every time you knock a player out, you get his or her bounty. That means even if you bubble the tourney, you can make a lot of money by taking […]

What’s a PKO?

PKO stands for Progressive Knockout Tournament, which is basically a bounty tournament on steroids. In regular bounty tournaments, each player has a bounty on their head. Knock out that player and you get 100% of that bounty. But in PKO’s, you get 50% of the bounty of the player you knock out and the other […]