Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw funds from a P2P transfer?

You must wait 72 hours after the transfer and generate at least 10% rake revenue of the amount of the transfer before cashing out. Once the 10% has cleared, you may request a payout.

How long do Player to Player transfers take?

On average, player-to-player transfers take 10 minutes. On some occasions, player-to-player transfers can take upwards of 2 hours if there is a high volume of transfers being requested.

What are the limits for Player to Player transfers?

P2P limits may vary from account to account. You can see your current limits in the P2P Transfer Tab in your account.  You can request a limit increase on your Player to Player Transfer by contacting support via email.

How do I make a Person 2 Person withdrawal?

Making a Person 2 Person withdrawal is easy. Click My Account at the top right of the client. Then, click the Withdraw button. Next, choose Money Transfer. On the next screen, enter the amount. The minimum is $100 and the maximum is $350. Heads up! You’ll see the fee reflected at the bottom. Next, scroll […]