Frequently Asked Questions

Classic Casino

How does the Casino Rebate work?

We offer 10% Cash Back on casino losses. It is paid only upon player request and is valid only for our Classic CASINO (blue CASINO tab) and not for our 777 Slots Ride Along Casino or our Live Dealer Blackjack Casino. Here are the requirements: Over $200 in losses to qualify. Requests should be sent on Mondays for losses that occurred from the previous week. Players may only make one request per week. To request your 10% Casino Rebate on losses, simply email with your player nickname. Please allow up to 24 hours for the rebate to be

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How do casino tournaments work?

To participate in a casino tournament, follow these steps: Open the poker client and click on the Casino Select the Tournaments option from the left menu. Upon entering a casino tournament, your entry ticket ensures a specific number of spins or hands, as well as a starting chip balance ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 chips. Your objective in the tournament is to utilize all of your spins or hands to achieve the highest score or chip count, which will be displayed on the leaderboard. Please be aware that you must use all your spins or hands before the end

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How can I fix issues with my casino balance?

To resolve your issue, we recommend transferring the funds back to your balance, which you can do by clicking on the $ symbol. Try visiting the same game you were playing and see if the funds are still available.  Then click on the $ symbol on the menu to withdraw funds from the casino.  The money should return to your balance. If these steps don’t work, then kindly contact Customer Support.

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