Frequently Asked Questions


I’d like to switch to Rakeback. How do I do that?

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By default, every account is enrolled in the Elite Benefits Program. If you want to switch to Rakeback, simply send an email to The process takes up to 72 hours to be completed. Once you’ve successfully switched to Rakeback, it will be reflected under Rewards in the poker client. Please note that although you can go back to the Elite Benefits Program after switching to Rakeback, this will be the last change allowed. Also, when changing programs, all points and credits earned will start from scratch. That’s why we highly recommend you redeem your points before requesting a program change.

Can I change my nickname/table name?

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Unfortunately, you cannot change your nickname. Your nickname not only serves as your online identity, but it helps players recognize you at the tables. Since you can't change who you are when playing in a live poker game, we generally do not let our players alter their identity online. There are some exceptions to this rule. We will change a nickname if it is offensive. Also, if you've used your real name as your nickname, you can change it by sending an email to Customer Support. In addition, we only allow one account per player. You are not permitted to close your account and create a new one. If we locate more than one account, we will proceed to close all additional accounts that were created.