Frequently Asked Questions


How does the waiting list work?

If there are no seats at a table, you can join a waiting list, and you’ll be seated when a seat becomes available. Using the Waiting List menu you can now choose between the Game, Bet Type, Format, Blinds, and Table Seats. Click the green Join Waiting List Button Once a seat becomes available, a new window will pop up and you can take your seat. A pop-up window will appear, and you can choose to either wait for a seat at the table you have selected or get a seat at the first available table with the same

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How can I change the sizes of my screens?

You can change the size of the poker lobby or tables by clicking and dragging at the bottom of your screen to your desired size. Additionally, you may change the layout of your tables to either TILE or CASCADE view by clicking on the “EYE” button on the game table.

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Can I play using my mobile device?

We offer a number of poker games on mobile including Blitz Poker, Jackpots, and Cyclones. You can also play casino games, including Live Dealer Blackjack, and access our full sportsbook. Tournaments and cash games are available exclusively for Android. Stay tuned for updates as to when iOS will be available. Coming soon!

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How to use tourney tickets?

It’s easy to use your tourney ticket. First, go to My Account. Then, click Ticket Manager. There, you’ll see all your available tickets, along with their expiry dates. Remember, tourney tickets only work for tourneys of that exact buy-in amount, or for the tournament they’re designated for. And they can’t be exchanged for tournament bucks or combined with other tickets. If you win a ticket or seat to a tournament and you unregister from that tournament you will receive a tournament ticket of the same value. Tournament tickets cannot be unregistered for cash.

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What does GTD mean?

GTD means guaranteed. When tournaments have “guarantees”, this means the poker room is guaranteeing that there will be a minimum amount of money in the prize pool. For instance, if a tournament is $1 Million Guaranteed, the poker room will pay out at least $1 million, even if the number of players does not cover the prize pool.

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