Frequently Asked Questions


How do I cancel my check?

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If the status of your check is “pending” then you can cancel it for free from the poker client.  Go to My Account Click Withdrawal Finally click on your account icon located above your balance and then click ''My History''. If the status of your check is ''Processing'' then your payment has already been sent to your address via a third party service.  To cancel a payment that is “Processing”, we would need to manually intervene and a $250 fee will apply.  Please contact from your registered email address if you wish to cancel a check that’s “Processing”. Please note that the $250 must be in your account before we proceed.

How can I cancel a withdrawal?

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You can do this right from the poker client. Log in to your poker account Click My Account at the top right of the client. Then click on ‘Withdrawal’ Then ‘Account’ Then ‘History’ Click on the ‘Pending Withdrawal’ Finally, click ‘Cancel’. Please remember that if your payout status is listed as ‘processing,’ it won’t be available to cancel.  Only withdrawals with a status listed as ‘pending’ can be canceled.